Trump Rally, Golden COLO

Oct.29, 2016

Drove 2+ hours to attend this rally, and it was totally worth it!

As I approached the site, traffic just stopped. I was running later than I had planned. I was able to turn around and park in a shopping center. Then it was a mile walk to the arena UPHILL! In my cowgirl boots. But there I was with elderly people and many others making the trek, and we were happy hikers!

When I got to the fairgrounds, and saw the arena, I realized that it was a dirt floor arena, very common in the Mountain West due to our extreme weather and long winters. I wondered what our New York man was going to think about that. When I finally reached the top of the hill, I found that we were already cut off from going inside. It was packed! So I meandered over to the jumbotron area, and it was awesome meeting people there. I have never been around so many people, different age groups and races, that thought the same way I do. What a great feeling! Many women there, of all ages.

Then, while General Flynn was speaking, Mr. Trump appeared in an ajacent cow pen, standing on dunnage rack, giving a little speech to us outsiders! I was amazed! He was fantastic! Then he went inside, and we watched on the big TV. He did make that comment about his dirty shoes.  LOL.  It was an awesome speech. Even more awesome than I realized at the time, when I went back and listened to it later. We were all so in the moment! The overflow crowd grew tremendously; they said later there were more people outside than in!

It was over too soon. Large groups of us headed down the hill (another mile) to get to our cars. And we walked down the parkway, lots of cars honked in support. We passed a young African American man selling hats and shirts for Trump. He was too expensive, and the group I was in, including myself, kept walking. He went from friendly to nasty. He started yelling at us. “I’m not even voting for him! You are being manipulated!” Wow guy. You sure are in the wrong business! That’s what I was thinking!

It was a great day, and the opportunity of a lifetime. So glad I went. Besides Mr. Trump, the best part was being with so many people of like minds.

#MAGA 2016! Please Lord, give us strength to make it so!

Walking a mile uphill to the arena.
Relegated to the overflow area, but I was early for that. Good thing…

General Flynn…he was great!


Crowd growing


Surprise! Mr. Trump steps outside into a cow pen to talk to us!


Crowd pushing towards him


Hanging out with my new friends. Hot and sweaty, makeup gone, hair a mess. My earrings were a hit though.


I made these on July 4th, but they were appropo for the occaison


Crowd has grown…

And grown…a beautiful day in Golden COLO