Late Summer Blooms & Bliss




Enjoying the end of summer in her glory.  It was short, but oh so worth it!


Moving Day

About a year ago I realized I would be leaving my position at the University of Wyoming. I learned a long time ago that you cannor tie yourself in business to someone who is compromised ethically. At UW this person outranked me and  was painting me as a troublemaker for questioning him.  I was going to lose  this war although  I did win a few  battles which just made him angrier.  Many interviews and months later I was offered a similar position at another University several states away. It’s all good because now I’m in my native time zone (Pacific) and still as always, a daughter of the West.  Can’t wait for all the photography that’s about to happen 🙂2016-12-31 13.38.11.jpg